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You were led here by your loving Guardian Angel to receivethe key to the good life you were destined to have.

You deserve to have a life of ease, fun, safety, happiness, love, passion, MONEY and abundance.

You deserve to be safe, protected, calm, and relaxed.You deserve to be lucky, successful, loved, admired, and respected.

You are worthy of all the good things the universe has to offer.

Alas, until now, you haven’t been able to claim your blessings because you’ve been wondering lost in the darkness, without a guiding light to help you find the right path.

Dear One, it HURTS me to see you living like this, without true purpose and direction…

Over the years, you’ve made MISTAKES that have thrown you off your Divine Life Path…

Alas, your vibration has FALLEN out of sync with the Universe.

You’ve stumbled, fallen, and become ENSNARED in energetic webs that are Holding You Back from your greatest good.

But don’t fear… because from this moment on, if you ACCEPT your Angel’s Loving Guidance…

You’ll be gently led back onto your Divine Life Path to finally live a life of true abundance, purpose, love, and joy!

Your angels WANT you to have a happy life, but according to the Divine Law of Free Will, they are forbidden from interfering in your life.

Because angels are in a high energetic realm while humans are in a low physical realm, unless you were born with a special connection to the Divine, you won’t be able to hear your Angel’s voice guiding you.

Therefore, your angels have been trying to send you important messages and guidance in the form of Angel Numbers and synchronicities, but sadly, you’ve missed out and misunderstood almost all of them.

Angel messages are difficult for mortals to decode and understand.

That’s precisely why most people are lost, directionless, struggling, and anxious; living an utterly wasted, confused and miserable life.

Seeking a solution, your Angel asked the world’s leading Angel Channeler “Mystic Wanda” to help in reaching out to you and be his translator.

FINALLY now, with Mystic Wanda’s help, you’ll clearly understand your Angel’s DIVINE GUIDANCE.

You’ll be led back to your Divine Life Path and MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES along every step of the way.

EVERY SINGLE DAY it becomes easy to know what to do to be safer, happier and navigate these dangerous times with CONFIDENCE!

You’ll raise your vibration day by day, finally receive all of your blessings, only attract good things, make the right decisions for your highest good, and live a wonderful, charmed life filled with joy.

Wanda was born with a very pure soul and a strong connection to the Divine.

She lives a celibate life on a family farm in a small valley in Poland, lovingly and devotedly caring for her old parents.

Having never done a single evil deed, often tending animals in need, and being a Vegan, her soul and body are filled with pure white life-force energy.

Therefore, she can easily see and hear the Angels.

After turning 22, she began seeing angel numbers all around her.

That night, a High Angel came to her and chose her to be his Divine Messenger. 

The High Angel asked Wanda if she’d like to dedicate herself to helping humanity.

Wanda gladly accepted her life’s true calling and became the primary Angel Channeler.

Mystic Wanda serves the Guardian Angels & High Angels by helping them communicate with humans to deliver VITAL PROTECTIVE GUIDANCE.

Mystic Wanda authored 11 books and 11 articles.

She’s also the Keeper of the Sacred Angel Keys.

Mystic Wanda, the world’s leading Angel Channeler and Light Worker, will connect with your Guardian Angel and channel daily guiding messages to help you manifest all your dreams and finally have the good life you deserve.

She’ll decode the deep meaning inside the Angel Numbers your Guardian Angel personally sends you each day, and translate his guidance into crystal-clear, easy-to-understand messages.

Receive a daily guiding message from your Angel to help you navigate through life.

Unveil your personal daily angel number and fully understand its meaning in your life.

Fulfill an easy weekly mission to earn spiritual wages which you can use to manifest your dreams.

Over the past 15 years, The Divine Guidance Wanda channels has helped people just like you find their true passion and purpose in life.

Unhappy, lonely hearts finally found a soulmate who deeply loves and cares for them. No longer be alone & lonely as you age. 

Those who were unhappy in their existing relationships, dissolved old resentments and hurts, reconnected with estranged children, received complete forgiveness, and restored love and harmony into their life! 

Their Angel’s Guidance also helped them attract more money, get a better job, succeed in their careers, and buy their dream home.

Many who were financially struggling, received Guidance which helped them pay off debts & bills, obtain more money for a comfortable and worry-free retirement.

The Angels helped retirees achieve a decent life of plenty, a healthy body and sharp mind, so they can enjoy the golden years ahead… 

When you too connect through Wanda with your Guardian Angel, you’ll make the right choices, and be divinely protected at all times.

Have happy, loving relationships with friends, family, coworkers, employers, and your life partner. Attract your soulmate/other half. Be loved, appreciated, respected, and wanted.

Follow the Divine Guidance to fill your life with love and joy. Discover what you must do to attract the exact dream life partner you want. Receive guidance on how to fix an unhappy relationship with a spouse, family member, friend, coworker, or even with your boss.

Make the right choices to manifest success. Tap into intuitive ‘hunches’, inspiration, and ideas to easily create prosperity.

Attract money and abundance effortlessly. Release energetic blocks keeping prosperity from coming to you.Success. Receive inspiration and direction. Achieve your dreams with ease.

Discover your hidden talents and find the true meaning for your life. You are special. There are great powers and gifts hidden within you. There is a special mission only you can do in this world. The world needs you.

Follow your guiding angel along your Divine Life Path to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Unfold your soul in beautiful ways to reach spiritual enlightenment. Connect with your higher self. Develop spiritual gifts and a deep understanding.

Cleanse your soul and energy body to heal your physical body from dis-eases.

Heal from past pains, release old hatreds, and cleanse your body and soul from negative energy. Find inner peace, calmness, and joy.

Purify your soul to break out of old, toxic Karmic cycles.

Cleanse your energy and Soul from negative energy that’s blocking all your good from coming to you. Finally, be able to manifest anything you want with ease.

Let your angel guide you out of darkness and into a world of light, laughter, bliss, and endless joy.

Be warned of the danger that lies ahead and avoid making terrible mistakes that will ruin your relationships, career, and future.

Never be afraid you’re making the wrong choices. Know what is right or wrong and what you must do to have a happy life.

Your Angel will give you direction and a divine ‘compass’ you can take with you anywhere you go so you’ll never feel lost and directionless again.

Your Angel’s guidance will help you have a wonderful life filled with love, abundance, health, good luck, meaning, purpose, and countless blessings.

You’ll discover how to earn spiritual wages that you can turn into any physical thing you want such as a new car, a beautiful home, a better job, or a happy relationship with your Soulmate.

Your Angel exists in a very high energetic realm from where it’s hard to communicate with you, down here in the low physical realm.Therefore, Angels commonly send messages through Angel Numbers (repeating number sequences like 111, 1222, 2121 etc.).

Angel Numbers have different meanings for different people and in different periods of their lives.

Reading articles online about the meaning of an Angel Number can be very CONFUSING. And occasionally, it could even lead you astray.

Angel Numbers do not have the same meaning for everyone.

What’s more, the Angel Numbers carry different meanings depending on what you are going through in your life. An article from 2 months ago on the meaning of 2122 will no longer apply to you TODAY.

Each day, Mystic Wanda will tell you YOUR special personal Angel Number and its unique meaning for you that day.

You’ll find out how to tap into its energetic power and use it to grow, advance, unfold spiritually, and have a happier life.

With the RIGHT Numbers & Guidance, you can EASILY manifest MONEY & LOVE.

Mystic Wanda was born with a special connection to the Angelic realm. She can easily hear the Angels speak. 

The High Angels chose her as their Divine Channeler to help special CHOSEN people (just like you, My Dear One) navigate through the dark and chaotic waters of life and arrive safely at the happy, sunny shores of their Divine Destiny.

No more hoping you got the meaning right behind a synchronicity or angel number.

Now you’ll KNOW exactly what your Angel is trying to tell you, so you can always be safe and make the right choices for a happy life.

With your Angel’s guidance, you’ll EASILY be able to manifest MONEY, LOVE, and anything you want & need!

LISTEN UP! Your Guardian Angel has a very exciting PLAN how to HELP YOU live the life you were meant to have…

He is going to take you by the hand and GENTLY LEAD YOU, step by step, along your Divine Life Path towards a joyous future filled with love, happiness, abundance, and purpose.

Each day, by following your Angel’s loving advice, you’ll  spiritually GROW.

Your energetic vibration will rise. 

More MONEY will naturally be attracted to you and manifest itself into your life!

You’ll feel HAPPIER and lighter.

Worries, fears, depression, and insecurities will fade away. 

Old baggage will be left behind. Heavy weights will be lifted off your shoulders.Your energetical “plumbing” will get cleansed out…

As your energy shifts and aligns with your Divine Life Path, everything will BEAUTIFULLY fall into place…

Little MIRACLES will begin to happen… 

Good things will be attracted to you. Relationships will improve.Problems will dissolve.

Solutions and wonderful opportunities will present themselves.


As your soul unfolds itself, hidden talents will come to light, and your life will shine with passion and purpose 🙂

The reason you don’t have the happy life you deserve, is because your energetic vibration is out of balance with the Divine. 

All sorts of wrong beliefs, doubts, fears, worries, and insecurities are harming your happiness, holding you back from achieving your true potential, and keeping you from accepting the Divine Good that is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

But fear not, all that will change starting today!

Now Imagine just how AMAZING you’ll feel in a few months, when looking back, you’ll hardly recognize yourself.

You’ll have gone through such a beautiful metamorphosis, like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon; spreading its glittering wings, RISING for the first time HIGH up into the air, and setting out on a joyous adventure in the sunny world.

Step by step, your angel will help you develop more SELF-CONFIDENCE, self-esteem, inner strength, COURAGE, and the power to withstand whatever they throw at you.

You’ll attract loving people into your life. You’ll form deep, meaningful connections and strong, HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS.

You’ll learn how to connect with the Divine and fill yourself with POWERFUL HEALING energy. 

You’ll develop your manifestation powers and discover how to work with the Angels to MANIFEST ALL YOUR DESIRES.

Never again struggle to attract MONEY or your soulmate and true love.

Wealth, true love and friendships will magnetically & effortlessly be ATTRACTED TO YOU.

Furthermore, you’ll discover how to bless yourself with health, love, abundance, and safety – while blessing others.

The coming 12 months will be simply FANTASTIC, exciting, and TRANSFORMATIVE for you!

It will be the year you finally step into the wonderful life you were meant to have and become the limitless, joyous, amazing person you were actually born to be.

Before you can receive what you want, you need to prove your worthiness, balance your past wrong actions, and earn your spiritual wages.

To help you quickly accumulate a great amount of spiritual wages, your Angel will give you easy, simple Divine missions each week.

These are simple, fun missions that you can do at home for a few minutes a day. They’ll make you feel good and attract wonderful things into your life!

When you do these activities, it will raise your vibration, fill you with powerful positive energy, and earn you spiritual rewards and blessings.

With each mission you’ve fulfilled, you’ll come closer to the blessed life you deserve.

Spiritual wages are a powerful form of divine energy that is necessary for successful manifestation.

If you never earn spiritual wages, your energy, and vibration are low. Then, you’ll struggle to manifest your desires and your life will be filled with pain, problems, failure, disappointment, abandonment, rejection, heartache, lack, misery, and darkness.

With each spiritual wage you earn, your energy and vibration are raised higher and higher.

When your universal ‘bank account’ is full, you can transform your spiritual wages into any material thing you want.

You’ll simply ask the Universe for the things you want – and receive them!

You’ll finally have the power to easily manifest all your dreams, like money, your desired income, a beautiful home, a fancy car, your dream life partner, and lifestyle.

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Click here to get Daily Guidance from Your Angel | CBfrontv1 | MysticWanda.com at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Daily Guidance from Your Angel | CBfrontv1 | MysticWanda.com is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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