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Product Name: Betting Mastermind


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Betting Mastermind is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


And I’d love for YOU to be one of them.

Now…listen VERY closely, because

As an exclusive member of my Betting Mastermind, I’m granting access to my arsenal of strategy tools.

And for a limited time, you can get one of the biggest discounts I’ve ever offered by joining this exclusive mastermind RIGHT NOW…

Every other customer I’ve ever had payed over £1000 for these highly sought after programs current and active, whereas during this short window of opportunity, you’ll simply pay a one time setup fee to get access for everything, and outside of a small yearly admin fee (£40), never have to pay for these programs EVER AGAIN (This applies to all new customers who sign up after March 2020)!

And yes… you heard me right… 🙂

First-time bettors can easily exploit 30 new bookmaker account offers, completely TAX-FREE.

This is your new “unfair advantage.” Get access to every sport, casino, and financial spread-betting program I personally use to generate tax-free profits each DAY – in my spare time!

You’ll never again have to find bets manually, (which takes forever, and is a pain in the ass!) This tool alone allows you to turn 2 hours of searching for bets into just 30 seconds….

This tool shows users how to “snipe” a profit on the Each Way markets. Using this fail-proof system (along with my video training), you LOCK IN a profit regardless of the bet winning or losing.

Accumulator Generator hedges all possible outcomes and lays against the potential refund, so it has you covered with EVERY possible outcome.

This is what the professional matched bettors and advantage players use to bank up to 5-figures!

This is a completely unique Betfair system based on pinpointing the value in the exchange markets.

A brand new system that focuses on the Betfair football markets.
This system tells you the correct Betfair odds for match odds, correct score, over/under markets.
This is a powerful, “set it & forget it” type system.

With this tool, you’ll bet on horses that I send you the night before via email, and then lay them off the next day to make a profit!

A new Betfair stratagy I’ve been using to lock-in up to £40 profit per game.

Simple 5-step training system showing you how to get mind-blowing results from the Betting Mastermind system in one hour per day or less.

The Matched Bettors Exploit will show to take advantage of value opportunities on Betfair created by Matched Bettors who will lay at any price.

Combing value selections in an accumulators to double your edge over the bookmaker & explode your profit! You’ve not seen anything like this before.

A brand new dutching method that removes most of the risk giving you a free shot at a medium to large win.

A classic method for locking in profits with a brand new twist! This has been overlooked by every other so-called “insider” because they can’t get it right … I’ve cracked the code, and I’m going to let you in on the secret!

Monitors all the software on the Mastermind websites and gives real time notifications when any good value opportunites arise. You don’t need to be sat there monitoring 10+ pieces of software. The notication system does that for you!

…then this is the most important letter you’ll read ALL year!

There’s a major problem that’s stopping you from maximising your betting profits…

Fix this, and you’ll be able to make money on demand…

PROBLEM: You’re still only accessing a FRACTION of the profits…

When you’re leveraging only one or two profit driving strategies, you only access a small portion of the profit potential…

What if you had 16, simple-to-use, turn-key strategy tools at your disposal?

What if you were able to access ALL of your profit-making potential, because you had the complete set of the right tools and strategies?

What would that look like?

But the truth is, I occasionally get thank-you notes from users who are making 6-Figures!

You see, when you don’t have the whole system, you aren’t going to get 100% of the intended results.

The answer lies in your ability to connect all the pieces of the betting puzzle.

Take any 50-piece jigsaw, for example…

If you only have 2 pieces to work with, no matter how deeply you research or become an expert in these pieces, no matter how you use them or combine them; you’ll never really understand the big picture, or get that BIG RESULT.

The same rule applies EVERY TIME you place your bets.

How can you expect to get the biggest results when you’re not equipped with ALL of the done-for-you betting tools?

It’s not that you’re doing it wrong, necessarily. You just have a LOT of missing “pieces” that would make placing bets much, much faster and easier…and a whole lot more profitable!

Even if one product is spot-on, it is still only allowing you to generate a fraction of the profits that you are capable of.

You don’t need just ONE key betting tool. You need the DONE-FOR-YOU SYSTEM.

And that’s exactly what we provide.

Historically, an all-in-one ARSENAL of betting tools has been WAY too much for just 1 product designer to create.

That’s why an ALL-INCLUSIVE betting system of this capacity has never been available.

FINALLY! You’re invited to access the most COMPLETE betting system on the market…

My “power-house” of betting strategies allow you to quickly place a bet anytime you want.

…WITHOUT wasting hours each day figuring out the best bet strategy,…and WITHOUT getting frustrated or overwhelmed,

This is precisely why I am offering my Betting Mastermind to you…

It couldn’t be easier – just open the software & place your bets.

This is the loophole that bookies hope you’ll never discover!

Bonus Bagging is designed to help even newbies profit off of their bets.

I email you bets to place for 30 different bookmaker “new account” offers.

You login to the site and ask for a bet to be sent, and a custom made bet is sent with the team’s odds and calculations done for you.

Watch over my shoulder as I guide you through the process of making your first profit!

Profit Maximiser is the most profitable product that I own, and is the follow on to Bonus Bagging.

You’ll receive access to:

This tool turns 2 hours of searching for strategies into just 30 seconds….

Access EVERYTHING Conveniently On ONE Easy-To-Use Page –

With betting strategies everywhere, you need a way to keep things EASY and organised.

That’s what our Matched Betting Software will do for you…

This is the cutting edge software that works out the bets for ALL the different strategies provided,
all on one simple “at-a-glance” page!

Unlike other out-dated softwares, you don’t have to frustratingly search for bets by typing in event names or markets (although this is still a filter option if you want).

It’s ALL there and DONE-FOR-YOU, so you don’t have to go from website to website, searching for all of the necessary information.

This is your easy quick-glance “Dashboard” for all of the betting strategies provided.

Each Way Sniper is a horse racing loophole that shows you how to snipe profits on the Each Way Markets.

It also covers Extra Place Races, and you can snipe a profit when you use this tool.

Each Way Sniper does not require any bookmaker offers or additional bonuses to work so you can go straight to work snagging profits as often as you’d like.

You’ll also get the Each Way Sniper Software – inside the software, all bets are researched ahead of time, and handed to you on a silver platter saving you HOURS trawling.

Best of all, you lock in a profit.

What if you could place bets and hardly ever lose? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

You can use Accumulator Bookmaker offers to profit.

When we say “Done-For-You”, we mean it!

ALL bets are found for you! – so you’ll never have to waste hours searching for yourself.

The ideal stakes are already calculated for you! – on all of the bets, so you’ll never have to worry about running numbers or pulling out a calculator.

(The last thing you need to worry about is everybody betting on the same selections, or not having enough betting opportunities!

Warning: Major money potential!
Get advanced casino bonus training, with strategies for working out the estimated value of casino bonuses.

This is exactly what the pro players use to bank big bucks each month!

You’ll also get strategies for increasing the estimated value of bonuses.

Want to take advantage of a sneaky horse-racing strategy that brings in profits like clockwork?

This is a completely unique Betfair system, that works solely on the exchanges, and does not require any bookmaker accounts for it to work! (Sorry bookies…)

Since you’re only using a betting exchange, and are betting against other users, you’ll never get banned.

You’ll see exactly how I laser-target the value in the exchange markets using my simple step-by-step strategy.

You’ll know PRECISELY when to enter the market. And exactly when to leave. When you trade out of the bet, you’ll make an EQUAL PROFIT – regardless of which horse wins the race.

It is EASY to make cash using the Betfair football markets!

Using quantitative modeling, this system will tell you the correct Betfair odds for match odds, correct score, over/under markets.

The best part? It’s all been calculated FOR you, so all you need to do is “click & bet”.

This is a, “set it & forget it” type system.

Putting money in the bank doesn’t get easier than this…

This is my statistically proven ‘idiot-proof’ system for finally beating bookies at their own game!

Even the unexperienced rookie will get, tax-free profits that would make the most seasoned arbers green with envy.

Get horse bets sent directly to your inbox. I’ve already worked out the stakes and the odds, and I’ve already done the calculations … It’s like getting cash in your inbox every single day for the next year! All you have to do is place your bets.

The target is to make small % of your bank in profit on each football trade with as little risk as possible.

A set & forget system that you can run whilst on the go.

Includes the bank building plan to explode your returns quickly.

Just becuase the Betfair markets are efficient, it doesn’t have to be hard making money from them. This strategy piggy backs off that efficiency to pull in low risk profits!

A simple 5-step training system showing you how to get BIG results from Betting Mastermind in one hour per day or less.

I’ll teach you the steps to build a large bank and withdraw a monthly profit.

You’ll know exactly which systems to focus on based on your current bankroll size to pull in quick profits.

Matched Bettors use the exchange to hedge their bookmaker bets to create a risk free profit. They aren’t bothered what price they lay at providing they are locking in some profit.
When there are lots of users jumping on the same bet, it forces the back prices up higher than they should be.

The Matched Bettors Exploit will show you how to find and take advantage of these value opportunities on Betfair without the need for any bookmakers!

Just last Saturday I secured a bet with a 10% advantage over the true odds and that’s also factoring in the 5% commission. The bet won giving me a £339 profit. This isn’t a one off opportunity; I’ve recorded several examples.

Bookmakers make their money from the over round they build in to the odds. If you add 2 poor value selections together in a accumulator bet, this increases the bookmakers overround which is why bookies love accas!
However if you add 2 value selections together, this increases the amount of value in the players favour.
An example is placing 2 bets, each a with 5% edge over the bookmaker in an accumulator increases your edge to 10%.
I’ve done is built a piece of software that flags these value accumulator selections up for you. It will tell you the bets to place & the amount of value you’ve bagged.

The dutching bounty software will help you lock in BIG profits on every set of trades. A typical bet with total stakes of £250 will yield a profit of between £0 – £150. It’s giving you a free shot at a medium to large win.
When I was recording the training videos for this strategy I bagged a £57 profit from a total stake of £270.
The value in this strategy is taking advantage of when the bookies odds are higher than the implied chance of them winning – remember it is nothing to do with arbs, extra places or best odds guaranteed!

This strategy does require bonuses to work but is an area that most people aren’t looking at.
Whilst I was making the training videos for this strategy it reminded me just how profitable this strategy can be.
In one of the trades I staked £100 and made a quick and easy £27 profit for less than 10 minutes work. Bearing in mind there is very little risk involved that’s an awesome return.
My favourite part is there’s no shortage of opportunities, there’s several bets available each day.

Get real time notifications of the best value bets.

It monitors all software on the Mastermind site for you.

When a good opportunity is found, you will get an alert in real time.

This saves you having to check 10 pieces of different software – the notifications system does it for you.

Managing your time has never been easier, simply use it to pin point the highest value opportunites with a single click of your mouse.

Those who join my Betting Mastermind will have unrestricted 24/7 access for ALL future

You will not find a better deal, and most certainly won’t find a comparable betting software of the same quality.

So, click the button below, and experience the time-saving benefits for yourself!

When you join my Betting Mastermind, you’ll get access to ALL 16 products at a DISCOUNTED rate.

This is a limited-time offer!

If you were to buy all 15 products separately, you’d end up paying over £1,127 to purchase them for their 12-month use!

Purchase these tools separately, and you’d be paying over £656 each year in renewal fees!

…and it would still be completely worth it! (our users make so much money off of these strategies and software tools, they happily pay the renewal fees year after year).

Join the Mastermind, and your renewal fees (with the exception of a yearly £40 admin fee) are WAIVED FOR LIFE!

So in just 2 years, your savings would be £1,127 + £656 = £1783!

And that’s only your savings for 2 years! But I know you’ll want to generate cash for a LOT longer than that…

You have a chance to get started for only £59 up front…

You get everything! All of my best strategy tools and software apps, INSTANTLY.

The only cost to keep this active is an annual admin fee of £40 (This applies to all new customers who sign up after March 2020).

NOT £656 per year like all my other users! Only £40.

And it’s inflation proof. That rate (so long as you purchase RIGHT NOW), will NEVER go up. Consider yourself Grandfathered in!

Take action now and get everything listed here for the lowest price available…

My goal is to help you find as many PROFITABLE bets as possible, as QUICKLY as possible. That’s why this offer is so affordable.

If my strategies and done-for-you software don’t save you a TON of time, or you don’t like one of the money-generating tools, or you just aren’t “feeling” it…then just simply ask me to cancel your order.

You can continue to spend hours each day trying to find all of the strategies on your own that’ll LOCK IN a profit.

You can “hope” that your strategy and calculations pay off, and all of your hard work turns into cash in your pocket (that’s the only reason you’re doing this, right?)

You can even buy all of my products separately …but you’d be parting with a LOT of money …

If you want a complete DONE-FOR-YOU system…

If you’re looking to maximise your profits by leveraging ALL of the strategies and tools that I show you.

If that’s the kind of profit you want, every single month, then…

Here’s How You Can Order Right Now

Click the BUY NOW button and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about here and more!

To your profits,
Mike Cruickshank

JOIN my Betting Mastermind NOW!
Click the button below to get started:

PS. This is the BEST guarantee in the online betting industry. (Go ahead, do some research…you won’t find a similar product that offers what I do that has a better guarantee.)

Any time within 30 days of purchase, you can cancel your order & receive a full refund.

But once you try my Betting Mastermind for yourself, and you see how you can profit from it on a daily basis…you’ll want to hang onto it indefinitely.

PPS. You won’t find a more affordable option that will give you the immense results you can expect to get with my Betting Mastermind.

Once the offer has been taken down, it will be too late. And that will happen in just …

Click here to take advantage of this ONE TIME opportunity RIGHT NOW, and you’ll have Unlimited access to all of my betting software. After your initial years subscription you will pay just £40 per year to keep access (This applies to all new customers who sign up after March 2020)!

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Click here to get Betting Mastermind at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Betting Mastermind is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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